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National Theatre choreography experiential base to carry out safety education activities

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Author: Huang Lei
To enhance safety education and training of more targeted and effective, urge every worker to improve awareness of security, bearing in mind the safety knowledge, producing this string tight security, the recent three branches choreography base project organized by the Ministry to carry out a spectacular safety education activities - Analog experiential safety education activities.
The BDA safety education activities organized by museum security education, experience the impact of a helmet museum settings, limb protection dumping experience, belts experience, the hole fall experience, scaffolding experience, experience of the construction of electricity, fire extinguishers and other experience Experience the safety project, the project department workers "immersive" experience the threat of danger.
In the helmet impact experience, workers wear safety helmets, entered the experience area, and then, the device simulation after falling objects suddenly fall slowly rising, hitting those who experience helmet. The project aims to make the experience the experience of those hit by falling objects bear, recognizing the importance of the right to wear helmets. Dumping protection in limb experience area, who had just completed the experience of the worker said, "really scared! Later in the construction must pay attention to protect the site safety protection facilities, involuntary Chaigai, move." ......
This experiential way of education and training, and no longer "on paper", but may cause a variety of security risks of accidents by simulating the construction site, construction workers simulation education, so that workers truly feel unsafe operation behavior the harm caused, and urge them to enhance the level of safety management awareness and prevention, compared to the traditional way of training and education, the better. Next, the branch will "Safety Experience Center" as an important part of safety management, safety education experience to further promote activities to ensure the safety of construction.
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