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I first visited the Silicon Valley Leadership Group One project

Number of visits: Date:2016-01-06 17:07:10
Author: Semin
November 16 morning, Zhang Haibin, vice president of Capital Group, and general manager of strategic investment center management center Kai Xu and other leaders of the Group I construction of the first Silicon Valley One project inspections. Beijing Capital Land, general manager of the high-tech company Yanshan, deputy general manager Pei Jun, Wang Junjie, vice president of Group I accompanied the inspection.
During the inspection, the first group listened to the project leader on the project before the Department, the overall construction schedule and the measures taken to ensure the reporting and cooperation with our leaders on the origins and future prospects in-depth exchanges, the two sides expressed the hope to grow together, in-depth cooperation to a new level of desire.
Subsequently, the first group led to the scene to view the progress of the project, fully affirmed the work of our company and project department and requested the project department safety management to adhere to high standards and strict requirements to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
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