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Number of visits: Date:2016-01-06 11:33:08
Author: Yuan Xiaodong
November 10 morning, Zunyi happiness Court affordable housing project construction unit flags Group of flying, voices, accompanied by the pouring of concrete to complete the final one, the project 1 # building structure glory cap. Construction unit, supervision unit, Portland neighborhood Jiabao and all the managers I project department witnessed this important moment.
Director Li Yang made the construction unit of the Agency, the chief supervision engineer supervision units Weimin has speech, expressed happiness Court affordable housing 1 # floor of Zunyi City in the cap to provide housing to protect low-income people has contributed to the construction quality and the project, construction progress and fully affirmed unanimously Beijing Urban Construction Sixth trustworthy, powerful enterprises.
Ling Jian executive director thanked approved project from all sides, and stressed 1 # building structure capped only stage victory happy Zunyi Court affordable housing project, the project construction tasks follow other structure construction and renovation phase of the buildings is more difficult, Project Department staff will adhere to the scientific management, careful construction, courageously fighting to create greater success.
    All parties to participate in the ceremony capping     1 # building last party pouring   Gun salute went off everywhere, celebrating cap   建设单位工程处处长李扬发致词   监理单位总监理工程师王为民致词   我易胜博ysb88遵义幸福苑保障性住房项目执行经理孔令剑致词 工程现状(1#、3#、5#楼)
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