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Number of visits: Date:2016-01-06 11:33:18
Author: Zhou Nannan
November 8, the company received the Qinghe Xiaoying Beijing construction project "Great Wall Cup" Second review and acceptance.
Acceptance of the day, the group first heard of the construction project department report made subsequently in-depth construction site, accompanied by project officers on the inspection and acceptance of the main structure, solid quality of the air layer structure demolition, construction quality and site work surface and other tests to check the operation of the chamber, and construction materials engineering for detailed examination. Construction site of the present project to get the expert group unanimously approved, the panel portion of the project in the face of structural span, the case body sloping roof, and many other large construction difficulties in quality control achievements spoke highly of, and the subsequent construction made valuable suggestions for improvement.
Project Department said construction will continue to work in the follow-up, continuous improvement, of a quality project.
    LEG debrief   LEG inspection work surface     Project Status   Roof Beam layer forming quality   Sloping roof molding effect   30 m span Basketball Hall shaping effect
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