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Six Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., the registered capital of one billion, with housing construction general contracting, construction decoration engineering contracting, steel structure engineering contractor, electrical and mechanical equipment installation engineering contracting and other four level of intelligence; municipal public works construction general contracting, building intelligent engineering contractor two Erji; building waterproof engineering contractor Sanji; the State Department of Commerce approved the qualification of foreign contracted projects, capable of independent domestic and foreign large-scale industrial and civil construction, municipal roads, equipment installation, decoration, intelligent systems engineering construction.
The company always attached importance to human resources development, expanding personnel, improve staff quality. The company currently employs more than 1,200 people, including professional and technical and management personnel 802 people, 289 senior titles, a registered architect 86 people, two registered construction division of 125 people, is a professional and specialized management team as the company continued development and laid a solid human resource base.
Since the 2002 restructuring, adhering to the "unity, hard work, pragmatic and innovative" spirit of enterprise, through unity and hard work and tireless efforts of all staff, the company achieved a leap-forward development. In 2014, the company resumed in open area over four million square meters, construction output value exceeded 40 billion yuan. Compared to 2002, the enterprise value of the company's main index scale, enterprise net assets have grown more than 20 times, are ranked in the forefront of Urban Construction Group member companies, the company's corporate brand and social image has been significantly improved, and achieved exciting brilliant performance.
In the "create a healthy environment, and create fine works, to provide satisfactory service" management approach, the company has the construction of the Olympic Village Area B, "China and India," Cliff project, North Central Business Center, north expressway command center, the National Yick Building, Sailing Times Building, Xi'an weapons museum and research complex building of Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing University of Science and Technology Laboratory Building, Beijing University of Science and Technology Mining Building, Central Institute of Electronic Technology Adult Education Building, Swan Bay residential community, home Beiyuan residential area, Xi'an First City, Tianjin Shuanggang new home district, Tianjin people with mountain district, Chongqing Olympic Village, Olympic Village Chengdu, BDA BOE plant, factory Tetra Pak (Sweden), Fanuc Plant (Japan), Miyun County Hospital, Shenyang Hunnan International Hospital, Miyun Beijing Normal University Experimental High School Gymnasium, Capital Normal University Affiliated High School gymnasium Miyun many other Olympic projects and a large number of national and provincial and municipal key projects and large-span steel buildings, large public buildings, groups of residential construction projects, university buildings Hospital projects, industrial plants, footprints all over Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Tangshan, Chifeng, Datong and other places. Where hundreds of projects have won the China Construction Project "Luban" (National Quality Engineering), "Beijing Quality Project", Beijing building the "Great Wall Cup", the Beijing Municipal Structure "Great Wall Cup", "Beijing construction site safe and civilized." "Beijing model green civilization construction site" and other awards, won the unanimous recognition and praise of the community.
The company has won the "excellent Chinese enterprises", "Olympic construction is advanced and collective", "Sichuan 5.12 earthquake relief to rebuild their homes Pioneer", "construction industry, business integrity", "Customer Satisfaction Enterprise", "Labor Relationship", "National Excellent construction quality management team "," Beijing to promote the quality of work of outstanding enterprises "honorary title. The company more than ten consecutive years was named "the contract and keeping promises units" and AAA grade credit rating companies.
Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. adhere six "main business brand, business diversification, management of information technology" development strategy, "urban construction six" brand as the basis, the focus on general contracting healthy development, actively and steadily broaden the area of ​​operation, and promote diversification of the business model. At present, construction of six Group's business has covered a total construction contracting, real estate development, construction management consulting services, overseas project contracting, investment and other five major sections.
Six Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd., will continue to uphold the "integrity" and "pragmatic" in fine style, continue to forge ahead, to create a better life, promoting social progress and make unremitting efforts!